Staging your home with Fall floral arrangements

Creating and staging an inviting home is easy to do with beautiful plants and flowers. My recent family trip to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm inspired me to bring more outdoor elements inside my home. This simple project got me thinking about staging houses with the same goal in mind. When your getting ready to sell your house you want to create a neutral setting for potential buyers to envision themselves living there. Replacing your personal belongings with a few simple floral arrangements will keep your home warm and inviting for all to enjoy!

It’s just amazing how a few fresh floral arrangements can finish a room and create a festive ambiance. When I used to clean houses with my mom we would always spend one day a week staging our clients home with fresh flowers and plants. If we were entering into a new season, we would spend time rearranging furniture and decor to accommodate for the upcoming holiday.

Staging became my favorite part of that job, I looked forward to coming into work every single Wednesday. There was something so satisfying with doing one final walk thru of the home, looking at everything perfectly in its place. It was an addictive creative outlet for me that still remains. And now it’s an obsession!

Fresh floral arrangements are expensive, when I was cleaning houses with my mom, our client had a very healthy floral budget. Their house was incredible and huge! But, not all of us have a budget for fresh flowers every week….

So, for this arrangement I chose to use fake flowers that will last season after season without dying and becoming ugly and morbid.


I found some really amazing flowers at Hobby Lobby in Roseville, Ca. If you’ve never been to Hobby Lobby, you must go ASAP! They have everything when it comes to home decor. Whenever I go there I always make sure that I have at least two hours to look around. It’s that good! When I went all of the floral decor was on sale for 40% off and their dried natural floral was on sale for 50% off. I always check their website for coupons, they ALWAYS have coupons!!! You can check out their store by clicking on the link below.


Materials used

  1. 5 variations of flowers
  2. Foam block
  3. Decorative box, you could use a crate or a ceramic bowl if you like.
  4. Scissors

I added the wild flowers first.






Once I had all of the flowers where I wanted, I started to add the sticks and then the more delicate straws of wheat.






My little power ranger had a great time helping me with this project!






Here is the final product! I love it, this arrangement is full of fall colors and brightens up my home!


When I’m staging a large floral arrangement like this I generally avoid places like the dinner table. I like to be able to actually see my family when we’re sitting down together. I chose to put this arrangement in a corner of the room that doesn’t get used very much but is clearly seen from our dining room table.

Grouping some pumpkins around is just what this arrangement needed and really ties everything together for the fall season!

I hope this simple post has inspired and encouraged you to make your home feel wonderful and warm this season. Please message me below and let me know what you think about this post and if you would like to see more. I just love hearing from you! 🙂

Goodbye September

Fall is officially here!

For my family fall is our favorite season and we welcomed October by visiting the Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland California.

If you live in or near Placer county, you should be very familiar with this pumpkin farm, they’ve been inviting locals to come and enjoy their farm since 1973. The Bishop Family is very passionate about what they do and it shows. This Farm is exactly the place I like to go to get some fall inspiration.

This is THE place to get your pumpkins, from half a pound to two hundred pounds. And they’re not just orange, they have red ones, white ones, and even blue ones.











These are the pumpkins we took home. The farm provides these blue carts for you to haul your pumpkins to your car. It makes life so much easier!

My son Blake was so excited to help push the cart around.




This year there were a few new attractions and additions to the farm…

The harvest barn & antique tractors

This area is an attraction in itself. we spent a good hour picking out the perfect pumpkins while exploring and climbing on the antique tractors and trucks. If you want the perfect Autumn backdrop to your family photos, this is where you want to take them.






The new Harvest Barn is just beautiful and filled with lots of fall decor!






movie night & campfires at the farm

Wow, what a special way to spend time with your family. I cant tell you the excitement my boys had when they saw the Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm Train passing by as we approached the outdoor movie theater in the jumbo pumpkin patch.

My little Wyatt is so excited to ride the train.
our view of the outdoor movie from the train.







The campfires make the whole experience come alive. This is a very popular new attraction, the campfire area is by reservation only. They announce the movies online in early August and the Saturday campfires immediately sell out. But don’t despair! Just bring a comfy chair or blanket and steak out a spot among the giant pumpkins in the field. That’s exactly what we did! and it was perfect. 🙂

It’s places like this that make the seasons in our lives so memorable. I feel so fortunate to live in a place where this is the expected. The Bishop Family have created something truly special to share with the local people in and around their small little town of Wheatland. My kids will grow up sharing these memories with us and I hope that you and your family take an opportunity to experience this sweet little farm and create special memories in this season of your lives.

There are so many different events and attractions going on during the fall months at the farm there’s no way I could fit it all into one blog post.

Check out he Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm website to find out more information.


Bathrooms with a hue of blue increase the value of your home by as much as $5,440. I know what many of you are thinking, “Honey start the car, we’re going to Home Depot!”. But before you jump in your car lets go through some different styles and hues to find out what matches the style of your house and how to keep it appealing to all home buyers.

Coastal blue bathroom

I love a coastal themed bathroom, but it’s important not to get carried away and over do it. This bathroom from HGTV’s 2015 Dream Home in Martha’s Vineyard got it just right.

A simple solution to break up the cool tones, add a vase of bright orange orchids. If you have good lighting use a live plant. Orchids thrive in a steamy environment like the bathroom. Minimal watering is needed!

A pop of blue

Here is another nod to a nautical cottage feel, I love the pop of color they gave this bathroom with the blue cabinets.

My personal favorite when it comes to blue cabinets are the dark variety with brass accents! This bathroom from Restoration Hardware knocks it out of the park…

Blue Tile

Tile is a bit more pricey than a can of paint but it will create a high end, custom look that buyers will fall in love with.

This blue subway tile is a great way to add color and texture to your bathroom. The rustic faucet ties in with the warmth of the wood trim and creates a rustic feel to the space.

Similar tile is used here to completely cover the walls, making a bold statement with floor tiles can break up the solid monotone block of color. Who doesn’t love a pop of print?!?

Navy Blue

With this bold color your bathroom will not be forgotten. Buyers will be left saying, “What about that one with the blue bathroom?”. You can use this color to be sophisticated or retro as you can see from these two lovely spaces!






light and bright

Anyone would love to have a light and bright bathroom, it’s calming, neutral, but not boring. The blue tones in this example create a nice contrast against the white trim and tile details.


Staging the bathroom with beautiful objects will create more visual interest and make buyers linger longer in the space. You want them to feel at home with inviting decor.



Before you go on to read the nest blog post, I want you to ask yourselves.. what can blue do for you? Just last weekend I held an open house for a couple that painted their master bath blue. They received multiple offers on the first day over asking price, so many that they requested to cancel the Sunday open house. The entire house was beautiful but that master bath was just perfect!


Selling a house can seem to be a daunting task at times. Especially for a home owner trying to do all the work themselves. Even for a realtor who is doing outstanding work may need a fresh perspective on how to hold an open house.

A very good childhood friend of mine has had tremendous success in the real estate industry by mastering the art of holding an open house. His name is David Serpa and he is the author of his first book, “Machine gunner’s guide to Real Estate”. His book covers everything you need to know about real estate and gives agents a step by step system on holding an open house.

David focuses on all the right things, how to give people the most amount of help, guidance and information within a brief amount of time all while keeping your grace and dignity intact.



Have you been dreaming about buying a home, looking on Zillow or and becoming frustrated when you find a house you like… and oops, the house is under contract.

It sounds like you need a buyer’s agent.

If your still questioning if you need or want a buyers agent, there’s a few things you should consider before making your decision.

  1. The buyer’s agent services are FREE to the buyer! In a real estate transaction the seller is responsible for paying the buyer’s agent commission and the seller’s agent commission. If that’s not enough reason to get a buyers agent, i don’t know what is but we shall continue…
  2. Access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service). As a member of NAR (National Association of Realtors) your agent has access to ALL of the most current listings on the market. This list is updated constantly, were talking by the seconds! If you want to be the first to put in offers on your dream home, have your agent set you up with an exclusive portal made just for you with your search criteria. you’ll be glad you did!
  3. Having a trusted advocate for negotiations. I always tell people to look at it this way, you wouldn’t hire your spouses attorney to represent you in a divorce. The same goes for real estate, why use the seller’s agent to negotiate your best interest. As Realtors we take an oath to put our clients best interest before our own. Your goal is our goal.
  4. Requesting repairs, this can get awkward. The touchiest part of a real estate purchase involves the delicate dance of requesting repairs. A real estate agent will be able to identify trouble that you may not see, as well as recommend a good independent home inspector who will provide a detailed report on problems with the house. Identifying these problems will impact the type of lending you may require. Under certain types of loans, lenders require a home to be in good or great condition. A good buyers agent can help decipher what will pass and what will not.
  5. Full service agent. As a realtor its important to me to inform my clients as much as possible, so I provide them with a buyers packet explaining each step along the way. It’s important to know what types of services your agent provides. My clients receive my full time and attention. It’s sometimes surprising how closely the agent-client relationship develops during a real estate transaction. Making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life is a process that everyone needs help with and as an agent I give everything I have to make sure my client has the best possible outcome.

To request one of my FREE buyers packets send me a message below, You will receive information on financing, steps to make a successful offer, steps to a successful escrow, and options for buying and selling simultaneously (that’s actually what we specialize in).

If you are in the Sacramento, Placer, or El Dorado County area, I would love to be your Realtor and help you achieve your real estate goals. Your goals are my goals! If not, ask me for a recommendation. I can refer you to an agent with excellent standards of service. Just send me a message below.

*If you read this article and are ready to start looking for your next home, send me a message below and I’ll give you $300 back towards your closing costs when you purchase your home with me!


the ketogenic

low carb / high fat diet

We are all about creating the lifestyle you dream of and I believe that the first priority of anyone’s lifestyle should be themselves. Our health is the single most important factor in creating the lifestyle we dream of. One thing I want to address (politically correct moment coming),.. This is a post on a diet that has worked for me and I have consulted my doctor about. I would recommend that everyone choose an appropriate diet for themselves and consult their doctor when making a lifestyle change like this.

This is a journey my husband and I have just begun. the Keto diet… I’ve never been big on following a “diet plan”, I try to use my best judgement and have as much discipline as I possibly can when it comes to food (except when it comes to salt and vinegar chips or rocky road ice cream). I grew up following the well known FDA food pyramid diet guide that we were all taught in elementary school.

Our TRADITIONAL food pyramid

Ketogenic food pyramid

What a difference right? We are a week into this diet and I have to tell you, I don’t really miss carbs. There is a notorious  “keto flu” that occurs when your switching your bodies fuel source from gluten to fat but honestly the only “flu like” symptoms I’ve felt was a headache in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday and my focus isn’t quiet what it usually is.

This diet is a big game changer for me, especially after reading this article below.


I have several family members affected by cancer and not too long ago I began thinking “I wonder when I will get cancer?” instead of “I wonder if I will get cancer?”. This is not the way I wanted to live and more importantly not an experience I want my children to have. Being healthy is what this lifestyle change is about. Not body image, not dropping a quick 5 lbs… Its about leading a better life for me and my family. I’ts about spending less time in hospital rooms and more time on vacation with my family.

So lovely people, here we go on the keto lifestyle adventure together! Below if our first week of meals, I hope this can inspire your meal plan and take something away from it. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I would LOVE to hear from you!

You can find many posts of what we eat day to day on Instagram follow the link to check it out.  


So, you’ve listed your house and priced it perfectly, had great success from marketing your home and having a fabulous open house extravaganza!!! (All thanks to your amazing Realtor of course! *wink wink*) You’ve accepted the offer of your dreams…now what happens?


If this is your fist time buying or selling, the whole process can be confusing and overwhelming. Having a good realtor by your side explaining every step of the way is essential to the success of your real estate transaction. I believe that the more informed you are the easier this process will be.

So here it is lovely people, not to worry, this is what a “typical” escrow looks like. Please note that this is an overview of the process, not every transaction is alike. As a Realtor I guide my clients through completing a successful listing every step of the way. Please enjoy this flow chart of what a “typical” escrow timeline looks like. and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or email me at

I’m more that happy to help you lovely people in any way I can!

“Typical” Escrow Timeline