Staging your home with Fall floral arrangements

Creating and staging an inviting home is easy to do with beautiful plants and flowers. My recent family trip to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm inspired me to bring more outdoor elements inside my home. This simple project got me thinking about staging houses with the same goal in mind. When your getting ready to sell your house you want to create a neutral setting for potential buyers to envision themselves living there. Replacing your personal belongings with a few simple floral arrangements will keep your home warm and inviting for all to enjoy!

It’s just amazing how a few fresh floral arrangements can finish a room and create a festive ambiance. When I used to clean houses with my mom we would always spend one day a week staging our clients home with fresh flowers and plants. If we were entering into a new season, we would spend time rearranging furniture and decor to accommodate for the upcoming holiday.

Staging became my favorite part of that job, I looked forward to coming into work every single Wednesday. There was something so satisfying with doing one final walk thru of the home, looking at everything perfectly in its place. It was an addictive creative outlet for me that still remains. And now it’s an obsession!

Fresh floral arrangements are expensive, when I was cleaning houses with my mom, our client had a very healthy floral budget. Their house was incredible and huge! But, not all of us have a budget for fresh flowers every week….

So, for this arrangement I chose to use fake flowers that will last season after season without dying and becoming ugly and morbid.


I found some really amazing flowers at Hobby Lobby in Roseville, Ca. If you’ve never been to Hobby Lobby, you must go ASAP! They have everything when it comes to home decor. Whenever I go there I always make sure that I have at least two hours to look around. It’s that good! When I went all of the floral decor was on sale for 40% off and their dried natural floral was on sale for 50% off. I always check their website for coupons, they ALWAYS have coupons!!! You can check out their store by clicking on the link below.


Materials used

  1. 5 variations of flowers
  2. Foam block
  3. Decorative box, you could use a crate or a ceramic bowl if you like.
  4. Scissors

I added the wild flowers first.






Once I had all of the flowers where I wanted, I started to add the sticks and then the more delicate straws of wheat.






My little power ranger had a great time helping me with this project!






Here is the final product! I love it, this arrangement is full of fall colors and brightens up my home!


When I’m staging a large floral arrangement like this I generally avoid places like the dinner table. I like to be able to actually see my family when we’re sitting down together. I chose to put this arrangement in a corner of the room that doesn’t get used very much but is clearly seen from our dining room table.

Grouping some pumpkins around is just what this arrangement needed and really ties everything together for the fall season!

I hope this simple post has inspired and encouraged you to make your home feel wonderful and warm this season. Please message me below and let me know what you think about this post and if you would like to see more. I just love hearing from you! πŸ™‚


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