So, you’ve listed your house and priced it perfectly, had great success from marketing your home and having a fabulous open house extravaganza!!! (All thanks to your amazing Realtor of course! *wink wink*) You’ve accepted the offer of your dreams…now what happens?


If this is your fist time buying or selling, the whole process can be confusing and overwhelming. Having a good realtor by your side explaining every step of the way is essential to the success of your real estate transaction. I believe that the more informed you are the easier this process will be.

So here it is lovely people, not to worry, this is what a “typical” escrow looks like. Please note that this is an overview of the process, not every transaction is alike. As a Realtor I guide my clients through completing a successful listing every step of the way. Please enjoy this flow chart of what a “typical” escrow timeline looks like. and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or email me at kadie@mckiernanrealty.com.

I’m more that happy to help you lovely people in any way I can!

“Typical” Escrow Timeline


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