1. Foot Hills Farmers Market

Located right in down town Lincoln, you’ll find a treasure trove of local vendors and a live band every Thursday starting June 15th – August 10th.

Lincoln Farmers Market. Summer Nights 2017
Lincoln Farmers Market

2.  Free Firework Shows All Summer!

Does anyone remember a few years ago, that one summer when Lincoln almost didn’t have a firework show for the 4th of July because they didn’t have enough funding? Well, this summer they have 5!  Over the next two months Lincoln will be hosting a free firework show in McBean Park. Come early and reserve your own grill and picnic table to make it a family affair or just bring your date and a blanket to enjoy the magical view!

3.   Hidden Falls

Ok ok, I know we’re getting a little off the beaten path with this one but it’s AMAZING and FREE!

Hidden falls is one of those local treasures you never go see because it’s so close but yet so far. But I promise if you make the 15-minute drive up to Auburn you won’t regret it! We got there early so it was still nice and cool, and you’re going to want to get there early to make sure you get a parking spot.

When you get there check out the map they have before you start your hike. There’s easy, medium, and hard trails to choose from.

We went with the easy one because we had my littlest one in an off-road jogging stroller.

Didn’t make it to the falls though. My husband decided to bypass the map when we got to the bridge and directed us to the narrowest, bumpiest most difficult trail there was.

I’m pretty sure it was the most difficult one. Not for strollers. People on foot, yes. Babies in strollers, no. I didn’t even take pictures…it was that challenging.

So, we turned around and decided that this little family was ready to hike back and enjoy the scenery every step of the way. An exciting memory that my four-year-old remembers fondly, saying to me “mommy we’re mountain climbers!”.

4.   Lincoln Movie Night

At Peter Singer Park, every Friday night at 8:30pm There will be a free movie playing starting June 9th – August 25th. My Family loves to go to the Movie nights hosted by the City of Roseville but I think we might switch it up this summer and check this one out. And they have live music before the movie starts, you know I love a good band!

5.   The 4th of July Extravaganza at McBean Park!

If you’ve ever had a secret fantasy of living in a town like Stars Hallow from the TV show Gilmore Girls, just attend this event and you’ll fulfill that fantasy.  A close family friend of ours lived right by McBean Park and hosted a rockin’ 4th of July party at her house last year. It was our first year spending the 4th of July at McBean Park and we all had the best time.

We started the day off by watching the local 4th of July parade, it goes down 5th St. and they have a good portion of the roads blocked off down town. So don’t expect to breeze in and out there to see it.

They have floats from all kinds of local organizations and businesses. My favorite is the Mariachi Band with the horses and dancers. Once the parade was over we went home for naps and got some food together for the party. After we got to the party around 3pm, we mingled a little, then headed over to the McBean pool, its free to swim for the day and they have a splash park of the little ones.

On the way back from the pool the kids bounced in the awesome bounce houses they have for the kids, there’s five to choose from.

My personal favorite part of the day was when my sister (who is also a big fan of Gilmore Girls) and I were sitting on the grass eating snow cones, waiting for the big fireworks show to start. Almost instantly look over to each other after noticing everyone is dressed to the nines in patriotic garb, enjoying the live band in the background and say, “It’s just like Stars Hallow.” It was at that moment I realized Lincoln is a very special place to live and McBean Park on the 4th of July is where it’s at!

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